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Apoptosis Antibodies

antibodies against proteins involved in programmed cell death

Apoptosis, or programmed cell death, describes a series of cellular events that leads to the eventual destruction of a cell in a very defined and regulated process. This can occur due to the accumulation of cellular damage, or in a manner dictated by extracellular signals as a normal part of organismal development. Failure of a damaged cell to undergo programmed cell death is involved in many types of cancer. From the signaling molecules that regulate apoptosis to the caspase enzymes that play a major role in the execution of the cell death program, Active Motif offers a number of high-quality antibodies to proteins involved in the pathway.

The antibodies in the table below are directed against proteins involved in apoptosis. Click on antibody name to see its complete information. To find the antibodies you're looking for using a variety of specific search criteria, use the Search box and/or apply the various Filters in the left column. Or, you can choose to see antibodies by various groups by selecting from the lists under Available Products in the top right.