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ChIP Validated Antibodies

antibodies verified to function in chromatin immunoprecipitation

Chromatin immunoprecipitation (chromatin IP or ChIP) is an extremely challenging technique, and only antibodies of the highest quality will do. For an antibody to work in chromatin IP, it must be of high titer and it must be very specific, with no detection of non-target proteins. Most importantly, it must be able to recognize the target protein in its native chromatin-associated context after fixation. Active Motif specializes in manufacturing high-quality antibodies to histones, histone modifications and chromatin proteins and validating them for use in ChIP, as well as ChIP-Seq & ChIP-chip. In addition, our Epigenetic Services team offers ChIP Antibody Validation Services in which we will determine if your antibody is suitable for use in ChIP, ChIP-Seq or ChIP-chip.

To help make your ChIP even more successful, Active Motif offers its complete line of ChIP-IT® Express Kits for performing Chromatin IP, high-throughput ChIP, sequential ChIP and even RNA ChIP.

The antibodies in the table below have been validated for use in ChIP. Click on antibody name to see its complete information. To find the antibodies you're looking for using a variety of specific search criteria, use the Search box and/or apply the various Filters in the left column. Or, you can choose to see antibodies by various groups by selecting from the lists under Available Products in the top right.