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Epigenetic Services Publication List
Epigenetic Services Publication List The list of customers that have published high-impact research articles containing Active Motif data continues to grow. To view the complete list of publications, click here.

To learn more, please give us a call or send us an Epigenetic Services Information Request. You can also download Active Motif’s Epigenetic Services Profile.


The goal of Active Motif Epigenetic Services is to make cutting-edge research accessible to the wider life science community. For over 10 years we have provided services for state-of-the-art techniques that have helped accelerate the research of scientists in academic laboratories, government institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Experience – we are the only end-to-end ChIP service provider

  • >10 years of experience providing ChIP Services
  • Over 15,000 ChIP samples processed
  • Over 10,000 ChIP-Seq reactions processed

Expertise – don’t spend weeks optimizing each step

  • Antibody recommendations for 350 targets
  • Chromatin prep protocols optimized for > 15 species and over 25 tissues types
  • Custom primer design and testing for each assay
  • QC steps effectually ensure final ChIP-Seq data is of high quality

Collaborative interaction – have control over your samples and data

  • Direct access to our lab scientists
  • Recommendations for experimental design and appropriate controls
  • Troubleshooting included
  • Suggestions/help with next steps

Bioinformatics support – answer important biological questions

  • Data for all assays are delivered fully analyzed
  • Data delivered in several visual formats and custom Excel output
  • Quick gene list generation
  • Example data is available for download for all of our services

Genome-wide analysis using Next-Gen sequencing has significantly broadened the ability of scientists to understand epigenetic events. However, reproducibly generating high-quality, interpretable data from chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) experiments can be challenging as it requires prior knowledge of working antibodies, optimized protocols for various cell types and knowledge of cell type-specific binding sites. Add in the technical and bioinformatics challenges associated with generating whole-genome data sets, and ChIP-Seq may literally be beyond your reach. That’s why our Epigenetic Services team provides a wide variety of ChIP services. This makes it possible for you to utilize our expertise and research tools without having to be an expert in the techniques yourself.