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HMG-2 antibody (pAb)

Aliases: HMGB2
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Antibody Type:Polyclonal
Purification:Affinity Purified
Molecular Weight:28 kDa


Western Blot Validated

for HMG-2 antibody (pAb)Application Notes

Validated Applications:
WB: 1:500 - 1:1,000 dilution

For optimal results, primary antibody incubations should be performed overnight at 37°C. Individual optimization may be required.

for HMG-2 antibody (pAb)Immunogen

This HMG-2 antibody was raised against a synthetic peptide corresponding to amino acid residues 166-181 of human HMG-2.

for HMG-2 antibody (pAb)Buffer

PBS containing 0.2% gelatin, 0.01% thimersol and 0.1% sodium azide. Thimersol and sodium azide are highly toxic.

for HMG-2 antibody (pAb)References

HMG-2 antibody (pAb) tested by Western blot.

HMG-2 pAb tested by Western blot.
Detection of HMG-2 by Western blot analysis. HMG-2 is detected in nuclear extracts derived from the human K-562 cell line using HMG-2 rabbit polyclonal antibody. Lanes 1-3 represent serial dilutions of the antibody (1:500, 1:1,000 and 1:2,000 respectively).

for HMG-2 antibody (pAb)Background

High mobility group proteins (HMG) are non-histone chromatin-associated proteins involved in DNA organization and regulation of transcription. The HMG protein family consists of six proteins and is subdivided into three subfamilies: the HMG-1/-2 subfamily, the HMG-I/Y subfamily and the HMG-14/-17 subfamily. Constitutively expressed in the nucleus, HMG-1, a class II HMG member, binds to bent or distorted DNA such as four-way DNA junctions, synthetic DNA cruciforms, kinked cisplatin-modified DNA, DNA bulges, cross-overs in supercoiled DNA. It can cause looping of linear DNA, thus functioning as an architectural element that facilitates interactions of neighboring proteins and DNA by creating favorable DNA conformations. The HMG-1 domain (often referred to as the HMG-1 box) is the functional motif of the largest HMG subfamily, the HMG-1 and HMG-2 proteins. These proteins change the conformation of DNA upon binding, but through a mechanism distinct from the more numerous histones. Extremely versatile HMG-1 and HMG-2 are involved in numerous DNA events in the nucleus such as DNA repair, replication, recombination and transcription.

for HMG-2 antibody (pAb)Positive Control

Active Motif's K-562 nuclear extract (Catalog No. 36015) can be used as a positive control for HMG-2 antibody.

for HMG-2 antibody (pAb)Storage

Some products may be shipped at room temperature. This will not affect their stability or performance. Upon receipt, unconjugated antibodies may be stored at -20°C for up to 2 years. Fluorophore- & enzyme-conjugated antibodies should be stored at 4°C. Fluorophore-conjugated antibodies should be protected from light. Keep reagents on ice when not in storage; to avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles, we recommend aliquoting items that will be stored frozen into single-use fractions prior to freezing.

for HMG-2 antibody (pAb)Guarantee

This product is guaranteed for 6 months from date of receipt.

This product is for research use only and is not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Application Key

  • ChIP = Chromatin Immunoprecipitation;
  • DB = Dot Blot;
  • ELISA = Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay;
  • EMSA = Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay
  • FC = Flow Cytometry;
  • ICC = Immunocytochemistry;
  • IF = Immunofluorescence;
  • IHC = Immunohistochemistry;
  • IP = Immunoprecipitation;
  • MeDIP = Methyl-DNA Immunoprecipitation;
  • TR-FRET = Time-Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer;
  • WB = Western Blotting

Technical Data Sheet

HMG-2 antibody (pAb)

Data Thumbnails

HMG-2 antibody (pAb) tested by Western blot.

Western blot of HMG-2 pAb.
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