ChIP-Seq Data Analysis Services

Thank you for your interest in our invitation-only, early-access ChIP-Seq data analysis service.

As noted in our introductory email, Active Motif is piloting a new bioinformatics analysis solution for ChIP-Seq data. We have selected a small group of clients to whom we are offering the analysis of a single experiment, at no cost. Should you choose to take part in this program, you will have the opportunity to securely transfer data sets to us, and the results will be provided back to you within 3 to 4 days. In exchange for our analysis services, we would like some honest feedback from you about the service.

Active Motif is making this offer for a limited time so if you're interested, please contact us immediately.

What you will provide:

• FASTQ data files for up to 4 samples from one experiment

FASTQ data must be:
  • De-multiplexed and compressed but with no other pre-processing.
  • 1 file per sample for single-end sequencing, or 2 files per sample for paired-end sequencing.
  • Illumina sequenced data only.
  • Read length between 36bp and 150bp.
  • Samples related to one of the following reference genome builds:
    • Human: hg19 or hg38
    • Mouse: mm9 or mm10
    • Rat: rn4, rn5, or rn6
    • Drosophila: dm3
    • C. elegans: ce6 or ce10

What Active Motif will provide:

• Analysis report as well as raw data files (BAM, BigWig, Excel, etc.)


Participating in this program

If you meet the requirements listed above and would like to contact us about participation in this program, please follow the link below to submit your information.

  • Click here to request participation in this program