Active Motif’s Basepair Portal

Active Motif’s Basepair Portal

ATAC-Seq, CUT&Tag, and ChIP-Seq Automated Data Analysis and Visualization


Active Motif and Basepair have partnered to transform the way you analyze ATAC-Seq, CUT&Tag, and ChIP-Seq data. Basepair is a fast and easy-to-use next-gen sequencing analysis platform with automated pipelines built on a cloud platform that instantly scales to analyze thousands of samples in parallel to streamline data analysis. Active Motif’s Basepair Portal is an exclusive invitation-only portal for analysis of samples generated with Active Motif’s Kits. This Portal includes ATAC-Seq, CUT&Tag, and ChIP-Seq pipelines.

Now you can analyze the sequencing data from two samples created with the Active Motif ATAC-Seq, CUT&Tag-IT™ Assay, and ChIP-IT High Sensitivity® Kits for FREE using Active Motif’s portal on Basepair.

Look for your invitation to the Active Motif Basepair Portal inside every ATAC-Seq Kit, CUT&Tag-IT Assay Kit, and ChIP-IT High Sensitivity® Kit. Every ATAC-Seq Kit, CUT&Tag-IT Assay Kit, and ChIP-IT High Sensitivity® Kit purchase includes free bioinformatics for 2 samples created with each Kit.

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How It Works

  1. Access the portal here and add the access code. If you do not have an access code, please reach out to and provide proof of purchase.
  2. Upload or Import your sequencing fastq files from Basespace, NCBI GEO/SRA or from your own server.
    Basepair upload
  3. Run an analysis to generate your report.
    Basepair reporting
  4. Explore your interactive graphic results! Watch a demo of the ATAC-seq reports here.
    • 4.1 Heatmaps
      Basepair heatmap data
    • 4.2 Genome Browser
      Basepair genome browser data


This analysis on-demand enables you to:

  • Get bioinformatic analysis on all your data – within a couple of hours!
  • Analyze samples of any size and complexity without any wait time.
  • All figures and graphs are interactive so you can find answers and insights faster.
  • Get clear results quickly with publication-ready visuals.

Get Your Invitation

Order ATAC-Seq Kit, CUT&Tag-IT Assay Kit or ChIP-IT High Sensitivity® to get your invitation today! If you’ve purchased a kit from us recently but did not see the invitation, reach out to to get a new access code.