Ready-to-ChIP Chromatin

eliminate all variables from your chromatin immunoprecipitation

Our Ready-to-ChIP Chromatin products have been discontinued.

For your convenience, Active Motif offers Ready-to-ChIP Chromatin. Using pre-made chromatin with our chromatin immunoprecipitation (chromatin IP) kits and controls ensures that all components are confirmed to work in ChIP. So, you can more easily validate your own antibodies and primer sets.

Ready-to-ChIP Chromatin has been optimally sheared by sonication and validated in ChIP. It can be used in conjunction with all of the ChIP-IT® Kits, so you can be certain that the only variable in testing an antibody for ChIP is the antibody itself.

However, in the event that Active Motif does not offer Ready-to-ChIP Chromatin from the cell line that you wish to work with, we recommend our EpiShear™ Sonicator and ChIP-IT® Express Shearing Kit, which were designed to work together when preparing sheared chromatin for ChIP.

Name Format Cat No. Price  
Ready-to-ChIP HeLa Chromatin 10 rxns 53015 Discontinued
Ready-to-ChIP Hep G2 Chromatin 10 rxns 53019 Discontinued
Ready-to-ChIP K-562 Chromatin 10 rxns 53020 Discontinued
Ready-to-ChIP NIH/3T3 Chromatin 10 rxns 53021 Discontinued

Contents & Storage

Ready-to-ChIP chromatin, consisting of 2 vials each containing 250 μl of sheared chromatin (3 x 104 cell equivalents per μl, 1.5 x 107 cell equivalents total) for a total of 10 chromatin  immunoprecipitation reactions.

Store at -80°C. This product is guaranteed stable for 6 months from date of receipt when stored properly.