Histone & Histone Modification Antibodies

antibodies directed against histones and modified histone proteins

Because histone proteins are crucial to the organization of genomic DNA, post-translational modifications of histones are important regulators of genome function. Histone modifications are involved in the regulation of transcription and play a role in maintaining discrete regions of active and inactive chromatin. Active Motif is developing a panel of antibodies for all widely studied and biologically relevant modification sites. All of our antibodies are rigorously screened for specificity and tested to verify which applications they work well in,

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Histone H1Histone H2AHistone H2BHistone H3Histone H4

The antibodies in the table below are directed against histone or modified histone proteins. Click on antibody name to see its complete information. To find the antibodies you're looking for using a variety of specific search criteria, use the Search box at the top of the page. Or, you can choose to see antibodies by various groups by selecting from the lists under Available Products in the top right.

Name Isotype Reactivity Appl. Format Cat No. Price  
Acetyl-Lysine antibody (rAb) IgG Human, Not Species Specific ICC, WB 100 µg 91315 $445 Buy
AbFlex® AM-Tag antibody (rAb) IgG2a Human, Not Species Specific ChIP, ELISA, WB 100 µg 91111 $385 Buy
10 µg 91112 $80 Buy
AbFlex® EHMT2 (G9a) antibody (rAb) IgG2a Human WB 100 µg 91229 $385 Buy
10 µg 91230 $80 Buy
Histone H1 antibody (mAb) IgG1 Drosophila ChIP, ChIP-Seq, IF, IP, WB 100 µg 61785 $455 Buy
10 µg 61786 $110 Buy
Histone H1 antibody (pAb) Serum Human, Wide Range Predicted ICC, IF, WB 100 µl 39707 $445 Buy
10 µl 39708 $110 Buy
Histone H1 antibody (pAb) IgG Human, Wide Range Predicted WB 100 µg 61201 $445 Buy
10 µg 61202 $110 Buy
Histone H1.0 antibody (pAb) IgG Human, Mouse WB 100 µl 61417 $445 Buy
10 µl 61418 $110 Buy
Histone H1.5S17ph antibody (pAb) IgG Human, Wide Range Predicted DB, WB 100 µl 61107 $445 Buy
10 µl 61108 $110 Buy
Histone H2A antibody (pAb) IgG Human WB 100 µg 39209 $445 Buy
Histone H2A antibody (pAb) Serum Budding Yeast, Fission Yeast ChIP, IP, WB 100 µl 39235 $455 Buy
10 µl 39236 $110 Buy
50 µl 39436 $265 Buy