Epigenetic Services

custom chromatin and DNA methylation services

End-to-end epigenetic services from sample prep to full data analysis including ChIP-Seq, CUT&Tag, DNA methylation sequencing, ATAC-Seq, gene expression, chromatin structure mapping, IP-mass spec, and single-cell services.


ChIP-Seq services for Histone PTMs and Transcription Factors with Spike-In Normalization. End-to-end service from sample prep to bioinformatics.

Get high-quality histone mark CUT&Tag results from less starting material. Submit cells or tissue samples and receive the fully analyzed data within weeks.

Native mapping of transcription factors and histone marks with lower input than traditional ChIP.

Whole-genome and gene-targeted analysis. RRBS, MeDIP/hMeDIP, bisulfite sequencing, and 5-fC/5-caC profiling.

End-to-End services for genome-wide profiling of open chromatin regions from cell lines, primary cells, and tissue samples.

Interrogate chromatin structure and genome organization within the 3D nuclear space. Map all interactions between distant loci in the genome.


Mass Spectrometry

Choose RIME to identify transcriptional cofactors & chromatin associated proteins.

Measure the global abundance of >80 different histone modifications. We use mass spectrometry to detect post-translational modifications on the core histone subunits.

Gene Expression

Next-generation sequencing based gene expression profiles. RNA isolation from cells and tissues, to comprehensive data analysis and bioinformatics.

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Genome-wide analysis using Next-Gen sequencing has significantly broadened the ability of scientists to understand epigenetic events. However, reproducibly generating high-quality, interpretable data from chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) experiments can be challenging as it requires prior knowledge of working antibodies, optimized protocols for various cell types and knowledge of cell type-specific binding sites. Add in the technical and bioinformatics challenges associated with generating whole-genome data sets, and ChIP-Seq may literally be beyond your reach. That’s why our Epigenetic Services team provides a wide variety of ChIP services. This makes it possible for you to utilize our expertise and research tools without having to be an expert in the techniques yourself.

The goal of Active Motif Epigenetic Services is to make cutting-edge research accessible to the wider life science community. For over 10 years we have provided services for state-of-the-art techniques that have helped accelerate the research of scientists in academic laboratories, government institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Experience – we are the only end-to-end ChIP service provider

  • >10 years of experience providing ChIP Services
  • Over 15,000 ChIP samples processed
  • Over 10,000 ChIP-Seq reactions processed

Expertise – don’t spend weeks optimizing each step

  • Antibody recommendations for 350 targets
  • Chromatin prep protocols optimized for > 15 species and over 25 tissues types
  • Custom primer design and testing for each assay
  • QC steps effectually ensure final ChIP-Seq data is of high quality

Collaborative interaction – have control over your samples and data

  • Direct access to our lab scientists
  • Recommendations for experimental design and appropriate controls
  • Troubleshooting included
  • Suggestions/help with next steps

Bioinformatics support – answer important biological questions

  • Data for all assays are delivered fully analyzed
  • Data delivered in several visual formats and custom Excel output
  • Quick gene list generation
  • Example data is available for download for all of our services

Some of our many Academic customers include ...

Cedar Sinai
City of Hope
Francis Crick
Curie Institute
Dana Farber
FSU Jena
Imperial College London
St Judes
Kings College London
MD Anderson
Stanford University
Pasteur Institute
Sick Kids
Tohoku University
Univ Sao Paolo

Some of our customers in the Pharmaceutical industry include ...


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