Sonication Products

reproducible sonication for more consistent results

Sonication is a fundamental step in sample preparation for biological assays. Sonication is necessary to break apart cellular membranes and release proteins or nucleic acids into solution or shear chromatin into smaller fragments for use in downstream assays, including ChIP (chromatin immunoprecipitation).

Sonication of a sample occurs when sound energy is pulsed through a sample to disrupt and break apart the material in the sample. Sonication frequencies for biological sample processing are ultrasonic, generated by a transducer that converts energy into an ultrasonic sound wave. Active Motif offers a probe sonicator and a 96-well multi-sample sonicator to enable consistent sonication for every throughput need.

PIXUL® Multi-Sample Sonicator

The PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator is the first and only multi-sample sonicator that delivers extremely consistent shearing of up to 96 samples processed in parallel and is fast, simple, and inexpensive to operate. PIXUL is compatible with simultaneous processing of 1-96 samples in parallel to avoid sample shearing bottlenecks in NGS applications. Furthermore, up to 12 unique sonication conditions can be run on a single 96-well plate, allowing simultaneous processing of multiple sample types and rapid optimization of conditions for difficult samples. Sonication is carried out in standard and inexpensive 96-well plates, keeping sample processing costs low, and lengthy water degassing steps are not required, saving time.

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Consistent and reproducible 96-well sonication of DNA, RNA, chromatin, and proteins with an easy instrument set up, intuitive programmable touchscreen, and no-hassle fully integrated fluidics.

Consistent shearing performance for downstream NGS and ChIP assays with PIXUL gDNA and chromatin shearing kits.

Sonication convenience with labware specifically designed for the PIXUL sonication workflow.


EpiShear™ Probe Sonicator

The EpiShear Probe Sonicator offers you the flexibility to shear both small or large sample sizes. With the supplied 1/8" microtip probe, you can process samples from 500 µl to 15 ml. Other probes are available, which increase the range of samples that can be processed to 200 µl up to 50 ml.

A variety of accessories are available for use with the EpiShear Probe Sonicator, including different sizes of microtip probes, a sound enclosure to reduce noise, a converter stand for hands-free use, and a footswitch that makes it more convenient to deliver short pulses when using the unit in manual mode.

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Shearing flexibility for small (200 µl) or large (50 ml) sample sizes with the EpiShear Probe Sonicator.

Various microtip probes to suit your sonication needs with the EpiShear Sonicator.

Superior sonic wave energy transfer with polystyrene tubes enables efficient chromatin shearing with less high-molecular weight material remaining after sonication.