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recombinant proteins involved in neddylation

Neddylation is the process by which the ubiquitin-like protein Nedd8 is conjugated to its target proteins, similar to ubiquitination. While there are Nedd8-specific ligases, it is likely that some ubiquitin ligases are also involved in neddylation. Active Motif offers several recombinant enzymes involved in neddylation pathways.

Name Expressed In Format Cat No. Price  
Recombinant NAE1 protein E. coli 10 µg 31233 $395 Buy Now
Recombinant NEDD8 protein E. coli 10 µg 31236 $395 Buy Now
Recombinant NEDD8 G76A protein E. coli 10 µg 31237 $395 Buy Now
Recombinant UBA3 protein E. coli 10 µg 31234 $395 Buy Now
Recombinant UBE2M protein E. coli 10 µg 31235 $395 Buy Now