ChIP-qPCR Services

quantitative binding assays


Active Motif performs custom ChIP-qPCR assays to provide quantitative data on transcription factor binding and histone modification occupancy. Our Epigenetic Services team performs thousands of ChIP reactions every year. In order to make all of our experiments comparable and establish criteria for success, we have devised a unique normalization strategy. This normalization strategy, along with special attention dedicated to evaluating signal intensity and background levels, results in the highest quality ChIP data available. For an explanation of our normalization strategy, please download the ChIP-qPCR Data Normalization document.

The ChIP-qPCR Service includes:

Customers submit frozen tissues or cell pellets, then we:

  1. Prepare chromatin samples and sonicate.
  2. Perform ChIP with a ChIP-qualified antibody.
  3. Design and synthesize primers.
  4. Perform qPCR reactions in triplicate for the customer-selected binding sites and positive & negative control regions.
  5. Perform control qPCR reactions in triplicate using input DNA (unprecipitated genomic DNA).
  6. Analyze the data and deliver it to the customer.

Sample Submission Portal

Our online sample submission portal allows you to easily upload your service project samples and track your project status. Follow the sample submission instructions in the portal to ensure that all your samples arrive at Active Motif in the best possible condition and properly associated with your project.

To learn more, please give us a call or send us an Epigenetic Services Information Request. You can also download Active Motif’s Epigenetic Services Profile.

Normalized ChIP-qPCR data generated by Active Motif Epigenetic Services

ChIP-qPCR normalization.
Active Motif has developed a unique ChIP-qPCR normalization strategy that takes into account the starting amount of chromatin, final ChIP volume, and primer efficiency. This approach allows all ChIP reactions to be presented on the same scale; negative control primers typically give a signal below 1; enrichment of specific sites can be between 10 and 500.

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