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LightSwitch™ Dual Assay Kit

luciferase reagents for assays with a co-transfection control

The LightSwitch™ Dual Assay Kit was designed to normalize for variation between transfection replicates in cell lines that are particularly difficult to transfect by utilizing a co-transfection control plasmid. In addition to the reagents found in the LightSwitch Luciferase Assay Kit for detection of the RenSP luciferase found on LightSwitch Reporter vectors, the Dual Assay Kit includes reagents from the BioLux® Cypridina Luciferase Assay Kit developed by New England Biolabs for detecting the Cypridina luciferase produced from the Cypridina TK Control Vector (sold separately).

Because LightSwitch Reporter Vectors and the Cypridina TK Control Vector contain different luciferase genes that catalyze different substrates, there is no cross-reaction between the two signals. As an added advantage, the Cypridina reporter protein is secreted into the culture media while the RenSP reporter protein remains within the cell. Normalizing the LightSwitch signal using the Cypridina reporter signal may decrease variation between transfection replicates in difficult cell lines.

See the white paper “Do I need a co-transfection control?” for additional information on the advantages and disadvantages of using a co-transfection control.

Name Format Cat No. Price  
LightSwitch™ Dual Assay Kit 100 assays 32035 $275 Buy Now
Cypridina TK Control Vector 5 µg 32036 $195 Buy Now

Contents & Storage

The LightSwitch™ Dual Assay Kit contains:

  • Lyophilized 100X LightSwitch™ Assay Substrate (-20°C)
  • LightSwitch™ Substrate Solvent (room temperature)
  • LightSwitch™ Assay Buffer (-20°C)
  • Lyophilized BioLux® Cypridina Luciferase Substrate (-20°C)
  • BioLux® Cypridina Luciferase Substrate Solvent (room temperature)
  • BioLux® Cypridina Luciferase Assay Buffer (-20°C)
  • Protocol

The kit does not include the Cypridina TK Control Vector.

All reagents are guaranteed stable for 6 months when stored properly.