mTRAP™ mRNA Isolation Kits

isolate more mRNA with gripNAs

mTRAP™ Kits isolate large yields of high-quality mRNA from mammalian cells, tissue and total RNA. mTRAP Maxi and Midi Kits optimize isolation of mRNA from different sample sizes, while mTRAP Total is intended for isolation of mRNA from total RNA. All mTRAP Kits utilize Active Motif’s Poly T gripNA™ Probe*, which has a higher affinity and specificity for mRNA than oligo dT. The result is more mRNA per sample, with much less ribosomal RNA and genomic DNA contamination.

* Covered under U.S. Patent No. 6,962,906. Purchase includes the right to use for basic research only. Other-use licenses available, please contact your local Technical Services dept.