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PC-12 nuclear extract (Hypoxia)

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for PC-12 nuclear extract (Hypoxia)Contents

200 µg of PC-12 (Hypoxia) nuclear extract at 6.51 µg/µl.

for PC-12 nuclear extract (Hypoxia)Background

PC-12 nuclear extract (Hypoxia) was prepared from cell cultures of the rat adrenal pheochromocytoma PC-12 cell line. This cell line originated from a catecholamine-secreting tumor (pheochromocytoma) of the rat adrenal medulla. In addition to catecholamine, PC-12 cells also produce neurotransmitters. PC-12 cells are frequently used as a model system for neuronal differentiation because of their ability to differentiate into a sympathetic neuronal phenotype in response to nerve growth factor, fibroblast growth factor and, under certain conditions, epidermal growth factor.

Hypoxia was induced by subjecting PC-12 cells to oxygen deprivation prior to harvesting. Hypoxia is a significant contributor to various developmental and pathophysiological processes. These include cell differentiation, wound healing, angiogenesis and various human diseases, including ischemia, cancer, heart disease pulmonary disease, and inflammation. Hypoxic conditions induce an increase in HIF-1, a transcription factor involved in mammalian oxygen homeostasis. This leads to upregulation of transcription of genes that promote cell survival in low-oxygen conditions, mainly the PI3K/Akt pathway that is important for cell survival. In addition, hypoxia induces proliferation and differentiation of various differentiating cell types, particularly those related to the neural system and vasculogenesis. Hypoxic PC-12 cells serve as an ideal model system for studying the regulation of diverse neuronal processes including proliferation, differentiation, and synaptogenesis in relation to neuronal development or dysfunction resulting from oxygen deprivation, cancer, neurological disorders, or injury.

for PC-12 nuclear extract (Hypoxia)Application Notes

PC-12 nuclear extract (Hypoxia) is specifically recommended for studies related to 1) neuronal development, 2) neurobiology, 3) neurobiochemistry, and 4) neurotoxicity.

for PC-12 nuclear extract (Hypoxia)Extract Origin

Rat adrenal gland; pheochromocytoma (kidney tumor)

for PC-12 nuclear extract (Hypoxia)Extract Composition

PC-12 nuclear extract (Hypoxia) is supplied in Dilution Buffer (20 mM Hepes (pH 7.9), 100 mM KCl, 1 mM MgCl2, 20% glycerol, 0.5 mM PMSF and 0.5 mM DTT). Before harvesting the cells were deprived of oxygen for 4 hours.

for PC-12 nuclear extract (Hypoxia)Quality Control

Extracts have been quality control tested by Western blot and the Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay (EMSA).

for PC-12 nuclear extract (Hypoxia)Storage

To ensure stability, extracts should be stored at -80°C.

We recommend aliquoting the extracts into single-use fractions and then storing them at -80°C. This eliminates repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

for PC-12 nuclear extract (Hypoxia)Guarantee

This product is guaranteed for 6 months from date of receipt.

This product is for research use only and is not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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PC-12 nuclear extract (Hypoxia)