Monoclonal Antibodies in PBS Only for Improved Assays

Active Motif Monoclonal Antibodies in PBS OnlyIn drug development screens and assays, monoclonal antibodies are usually preferred because they have higher specificity for their target epitope than polyclonals. This enables them to provide less background and better reproducibility across multiple experiments. Moreover, because all batches of antibody made from a hybridoma are identical, designing an assay with a monoclonal enables a level of consistency and standardization not possible with polyclonal antibodies. However, regardless of their type, antibodies that are stored in buffers that contain glycerol, BSA, amine-containing azides, Tris or glycine can wreak havoc on established assays. For these reasons, Active Motif offers its most popular monoclonal antibodies against histone modifications in PBS only, making them ideal for use in a variety of different assays.

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