10x Genomics & Active Motif Team Up to Launch the Single Cell Epigenomics Scientific Challenge

Enter to Win a Free Single-Cell ATAC-Seq Service for up to 4 Samples

Active Motif has teamed up with 10x Genomics to launch a new grant program to bring the power of single-cell ATAC-Seq assays to more researchers. To enter to win, you simply need to visit the application page on the 10x Genomics website, complete a short form, and submit your abstract.

Reveal the Chromatin Landscape at Single Cell Resolution

The single-cell ATAC-Seq solution developed and offered by 10x Genomics is a relatively new epigenomics research tool that was named one of the Top 10 Innovations of 2019 by The Scientist.

Single-cell ATAC-Seq is a powerful method for analyzing chromatin accessibility and uncovering the gene regulatory landscape at the single-cell level. It is particularly useful for identifying and analyzing sub-populations of cells within complex or heterogenous samples.

Active Motif offers a complete end-to-end Single-Cell ATAC-Seq service using the 10x Genomics Chromium platform. This service includes sample processing, tagmentation, library preparation, next-generation sequencing, and bioinformatics.

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What is the Single Cell Epigenomics Scientific Challenge?

The Single Cell Epigenomics Scientific Challenge is a grant program from 10x Genomics, in partnership with Active Motif, that was designed to make single-cell epigenomic analyses accessible to more researchers.

To apply for this grant, visit the 10x Genomics website and submit an abstract (300 words or less) explaining how you would use the Chromium Single Cell ATAC Solution in your research. Please specify the question you are hoping to answer, how this technology will help you, the sample types you will use, and how the results will inform and guide your future studies.

A review panel will read all applications and select the winners based on feasibility, research creativity, scientific impact, and innovation. One winner will be selected from each of three regions (Americas, Europe-Middle East, and Asia-Pacific), for a total of three winners.

Selected winners’ samples (up to 4 samples per winner) will be processed by Active Motif through the 10x Genomics Single Cell ATAC assay, including library prep, sequencing, and data analysis.

The Single Cell Epigenomics Scientific Challenge is open for abstract submissions now, and the deadline to apply is May 17, 2020.

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To enter to win, simply complete a short form on the 10x Genomic website, and you will receive a link for abstract submission.

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