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Gene Regulation

TransAM® Transcription Factor ELISAs

sensitive, quantitative ELISAs for transcription factor activation

Transcription factors are DNA-binding proteins that tightly regulate gene expression. They consist of two distinct domains – one that displays high affinity for a specific DNA sequence and one that confers transcriptional activity. Transcription factors are activated by phosphorylation of specific residues or by processing bound inhibitory proteins. Understanding and quantifying transcription factors is essential for the study of cell functions in relation to differentiation, brain activity, immune response, inflammation and various disease states.

TransAM® Kits are sensitive, non-radioactive transcription factor ELISA kits that facilitate the study of transcription factor activation in mammalian tissue and cell extracts. Assays are available for over 40 different targets; choose a kit from the right column, then choose the TransAM® Method tab at the bottom of the page for complete assay details.

Flow chart of the TransAM DNA binding transcription factor ELISA method for measurement of activated transcription factors
Flow chart of the TransAM process.

Activated transcription factor in the cell extract binds to the consensus-binding site on the oligo immobilized in the well. Incubation with the supplied primary and secondary antibodies specifically quantifies the amount of activated transcription factor.