Other Recombinant Proteins & Enzymes

Purified recombinant proteins for biochemical assays and high-throughput screening

Active Motif is a leading developer of reagents, assays, and services for epigenetics and gene regulation research. We offer a large collection of full-length, high quality recombinant proteins, including transcription factors, kinases, DNA damage proteins and more. Our proteins are manufactured to meet the highest standards of purity and activity required for conventional drug discovery assays, such as HTRF, mass spectrometry, AlphaLISA, and AlphaScreen, and these assays are routinely incorporated into our quality control processes.

Highly purified proteins for use in your transcription and DNA binding assays.

Highly purified and active kinases for use in cell signaling kinase assays.

Recombinant proteins involved in DNA damage response and repair pathways.

Recombinant growth factors for cell biology and biochemical assays.

Recombinant proteins involved in ubiquitination pathways.