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[WEBINAR] Introduction to R for Biologists

Introduction to R for Biologists - Free Webinar

Free webinar presented by Proteintech Group and Active Motif featuring Torryn Poolman (UCL) and Nick Pervolarakis (Active Motif)

R is widely used for analysis of biological data sets. However, R is complex and takes experience to use effectively. Dr. Torryn Poolman from UCL and Dr. Nick Pervolarakis from Active Motif take us through some basic functions of R that will be useful to all life scientists. Some prior experience with R is useful but not essential.

Dr. Poolman will use R to take us through a real data set from his own research. This workshop will cover:

  • Statistical analysis of a real-life data set
  • Creating a multi-panel figure
  • Adding in stats to the figure
  • Annotating graphs using R markdown

The links to the data set examples used in this workshop can be found here: https://github.com/toryn13/Rexamples

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