Protein Activity Assays

tools to detect changes in cellular response

Active Motif offers simple-to-use screening assays to detect and accurately measure changes in global cellular response. These assays are robust, reliable and amenable to high-throughput processing, enabling you to quickly and easily profile cellular changes in the activity of a variety of targets. Brief summaries of these products are shown below, with links to individual product pages for more information.

Products for the study of Transcriptional Regulation

  • TransAM® Transcription Factor Assays are DNA-binding ELISAs that facilitate the study of transcription factor activation in mammalian tissue and cell extracts. With assays available for over 40 different targets and over 800 papers citing their use, TransAM Kits have become the method of choice for detecting and quantifying activated transcription factors.
  • Flow chart of the TransAM DNA binding transcription factor ELISA method for measurement of activated transcription factors

    Flow chart of the TransAM process.
    Activated transcription factor in the cell extract binds to the consensus-binding site on the oligo immobilized in the well. Incubation with the supplied primary and secondary antibodies specifically quantifies the amount of activated transcription factor.

Products for the study of Post-transcriptional Regulation