[WEBINAR] Understanding Single-Cell ATAC-Seq and its Applications

Intro to ChIP-Seq Bioinformatics Pipelines

Free webinar presented by Dr. Felizza Gunderson, Manager of Epigenetic Services at Active Motif.

ATAC-Seq and Single-Cell ATAC-Seq (scATAC-Seq) are powerful tools for investigating the epigenetic mechanisms responsible for regulating a particular cellular response or that contribute to a disease state. This webinar will explain how these popular techniques work and discuss how they can be useful in epigenetics research.

Topics covered in the webinar will include:

  • Overview of ATAC-Seq and scATAC-Seq and the information they provide.
  • Benefits of using scATAC-Seq vs. bulk ATAC-Seq
  • Challenges in performing scATAC-Seq and how to overcome these challenges.