Histone Acetyltransferase Assay Kit (Fluorescent)

screen inhibitors or calculate HAT activity

The HAT Assay Kit is a fluorescent method to assay samples for histone acetyltransferase (HAT) activity or to screen HAT inhibitors. The assay is easy to use, features a simple protocol that gives you results in 30 minutes and is ideal for high-throughput usage in 96-well plates.

Please refer to our Recombinant, full-length p300 protein, Catalog No. 81158, recently launched for use in acetyltransferase assays.

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HAT Assay Kit (Fluorescent) 1 x 96 rxns 56100 $535 Buy

The HAT Assay Kit includes enough recombinant human p300 to screen 96 wells of inhibitor compounds, and anacardic acid is included for use as a control, as it is a potent HAT inhibitor. All assay buffers have been thoroughly tested to ensure that no components interfere with either activity or inhibition assays. Histone H3 and Histone H4 N-terminal peptides are included as HAT substrates, so you can use the one best suited for your HAT enzyme.

p300 activity

Figure 1: p300 activity and inhibition.
The HAT activity of 50 ng of p300 was assayed with 50 µM acetyl-CoA and either 50 µM Histone H3 or Histone H4 peptide as the substrate. Activity was inhibited with 15 µM anacardic acid or 25 µM garcinol.

Contents & Storage

1 x 96 rxns of recombinant p300 protein, catalytic domain; histone H3 and H4 substrate peptides, Acetyl-CoA, 5X Assay Buffer, Developer and Developing & Stop Solutions. A 96-well plate and plate sealer are also included. Recombinant p300 protein, catalytic domain; and Acetyl-CoA are to be stored at -80°C. Store histone H3 and H4 substrate peptides, 5X Assay Buffer, Developer and Developing Solution at -20°C. Stop Solution, the 96-well plate and plate sealer may be stored at room temperature. All reagents are guaranteed stable for 6 months from date of receipt when stored properly.