ChIP Kits

Use the best ChIP for your sample type and experimental goals

Different sample types and target proteins require different ChIP protocols to achieve best results. Our comprehensive family of ChIP kits ensures that you have an option that works well in every situation.

ChIP Kit Selection Guide

This is our best-selling ChIP kits and is the go-to all-purpose ChIP kit for most sample types and targets.

The ChIP-IT Express family of kits are the first ChIP kits that used magnetic beads to enable performing ChIP assays in a single day and they are still the best.

Our novel spike-in normalization approach allows you to analyze ChIP-Seq data with confidence and identify true biological differences between samples.

Complete ChIP workflow from as few as 1,000 cells.

Optimize low cell ChIP assays and easily perform troubleshooting.

Optimized protocol and reagents for robust and efficient ChIP, generating 24 next-gen sequencing-ready samples with easy, streamlined steps.

This kit is optimized for performing ChIP assays with PBMCs, T cells, and B cells.

Performing ChIP assays with FFPE tissues is difficult. The ChIP-IT FFPE II kit is your best option to generate high-quality ChIP data from this sample type.

Perform ChIP assays without having a ChIP-validated antibody for your protein of interest.

enChIP uses the CRISPR-Cas9 system to target specific genomic regions for investigation of associated DNA-binding interactions.

Take ChIP assays further and expand their utility with additional kits designed for specialized applications.