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Functional Genomics - LightSwitch™

LightSwitch™ Reporter System

With a genome-wide library of over 30,000 cloned regulatory elements, a highly optimized Renilla luciferase (RenSP) vector system and assay reagents, the LightSwitch™ Luciferase Assay System is the optimal solution for your gene regulation studies. Select from our wide range of products and services below.

Searching the GoClone® Collection


LightSwitch™ Promoter & Distal Element Collection

LightSwitch™ Promoter Reporter GoClone Collection
Promoter Reporter GoClone Collection

The Promoter Reporter Collection includes
over 18,000 promoters cloned from the human genome and available as transfection-ready GoClone constructs.

LightSwitch™ lncRNA Promoter Products
lncRNA Promoter Reporter Collection

The lncRNA Promoter Reporter Collection was designed to make it
fast & easy to study
the regulation of
lncRNA promoters.

LightSwitch™ Promoter Controls
Promoter Reporter GoClone Controls

The LightSwitch System contains many positive and negative Promoter Controls to optimize experimental conditions and normalize for non-specific effects.

LightSwitch™ Synthetic Response Elements
Synthetic Response Element Collection

The Synthetic Response Elements are useful positive controls due to their stronger response compared to endogenous promoter and enhancer sequences.

LightSwitch™ Pathway Reporter Stable Cell Lines
Pathway Reporter Stable Cell Lines

These validated stable cell lines enables the fast and easy quantification of pathway activity in response to various treatments and growth conditions.

LightSwitch™ Validated Pathway Collections
Validated Pathway Biomarker Kits

Pathway Promoters that were selected based on sequence motif analysis & published data. They show significant activation or repression in response to pathway-specific induction.

LightSwitch™ miRNA & 3´UTR Collection

LightSwitch™ 3´UTR Reporter GoClone Collection
3´UTR Reporter GoClone Collection

Our 3´UTR Reporter Collection includes
over 12,000 3´UTRs
cloned from the
human genome into
ready-to-transfect LightSwitch™ reporter vectors.

ChIP Normalization
miRNA Targets

The LightSwitch Synthetic miRNA Target Reporters are useful positive controls due to their strong response compared to endogenous 3`UTRs sequences.

LightSwitch™ 3´UTR Control Vectors
3´UTR Reporter GoClone Controls

The LightSwitch System contains a number of positive and negative 3´UTR Controls to optimize experimental conditions and
normalize for
non-specific effects

LightSwitch™ miRNA Mimics & Inhibitors
miRNA Mimics & Inhibitors

With our large collection of miRNA Mimics and Inhibitors, you have everything needed to study miRNA-3´UTR interactions, validate miRNA targets, measure RNA stability, translation efficiency and the functional impact of miRNAs on a gene-by-gene basis.

LightSwitch™ System Companion / Assay Reagents

LightSwitch™ Luciferase Assay Kit

Luciferase Assay Kit

The novel substrate and optimized lysis buffer included in the Luciferase Assay Kit were formulated to provide high sensitivity over a broad dynamic range when used with our engineered RenSP Luciferase.

LightSwitch™ Empty Vector Suite
LightSwitch™ Empty
Vector Suite

Complete list of all LightSwitch™ vector options together with sequence and annotation files and insert sequencing primers.

DharmaFECT® Duo Transfection Reagent
DharmaFECT Duo
Transfection Reagent

For co-transfecting plasmids and miRNAs, DharmaFECT DUO provides more efficient co-transfection of these two distinct types of molecules.

FuGENE® Transfection Reagent
Fugene HD Promoter
Transfection Reagent

For plasmid transfections and co-transfections, FugeneHD provides consistent, high-quality performance across a wide variety of cell lines.

LightSwitch™ Custom Services

LightSwitch™ Custom Services
LightSwitch™ Custom Services

In addition to the many different products that make up the LightSwitch™ Luciferase Assay System, we also offer a wide variety of custom services, including Custom Cloning & Mutagenesis, custom assay development, and high throughput screening services.