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ChIP Kit Selection Guide:

Whether you are starting with limited amounts or difficult samples, need to begin by profiling open chromatin regions and histone marks, or are ready to focus on a specific transcription factor, the ChIP Selection Guides below can help you choose the products that are right for your experimental situation. Clicking on each image will open a larger version.

What is your source material?

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Cultured Cells

ChIP Kits Guide 1
* Note: Enzymatic shearing is inherently biased. Sonication is the preferred shearing method, if possible.


Frozen/FFPE Tissue or PBMCs

ChIP Kits Guide 2

Profile Open Chromatin Regions

Need to analyze open chromatin regions at genome-wide scale?

Profile Open Chromatin Regions Decision Tree

Limited Sample Material​

Limited Sample Material Decision Tree

What’s your sample input and target situation?

Limited amounts of cells​

Low Cell ChIP-Seq Kit enables transcription factor ChIP in limited samples from cell sorting, or sample segmentation for multi-omics processing. To profile histone modifications, CUT&Tag-IT™ Assay Kit generates results without a library prep step from as few as 5000 cells.​

Low abundance transcription factors​

ChIP-IT® High Sensitivity Kit is designed to enrich for low abundance transcription factors.​

One day protocol for ChIP​​

ChIP-IT® Express has the optimized streamlined workflow to get ChIP results in one day.​

No antibody exists for the target of interest​​

If ChIP-validated antibodies are not available for the target protein, the Tag-ChIP-IT® system works by creating an expression construct containing the protein of interest in-frame with a C-terminal AM-tag that is specifically designed for ChIP.​

Fomalin-fixed paraffin-embedded samples​​

The ChIP-IT™ FFPE II Kit is specifically designed to work with chromatin prep kits for both difficult-to-extract and readily extractable formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples.​

Peripheral blood mononuclear cell samples

The ChIP-IT® PBMC Kit is optimized with buffers to lyse peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and deliver high quality ChIP data.

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