Single-Cell Services

Mapping open chromatin, gene expression, or both, at the single-cell level

Identify subpopulations with different chromatin accessibility profiles within heterogeneous samples, eliminating the need for isolation strategies that alter the biology due to sample manipulation.

Transciptome profile analysis at the single-cell level. Identify subpopulations without isolation steps that may effect biology of your samples.

10x Genomics Certified Service Provider of Single-Cell Multiome to measure genome-wide gene expression & open chromatin.

Single-cell gene expression using frozen tissue as a starting material. Identify subpopulations in heterogeneous tissue samples as defined by their nuclear transcriptomal profiles.

We Are a 10x Certified Service Provider

Active Motif has been designated by 10x Genomics as a Certified Service Provider of Single-Cell Multiome. Single-Cell Multiome combines single-cell gene expression analysis with single-cell open chromatin mapping to provide genome-wide mapping of both the transcriptomal and epigenetic landscapes at the single-cell level.

10X Genomics Certified Service Provider