PIXUL® Labware

Instrument accessories for the sonication workflow


PIXUL Labware Overview

PIXUL Plate WasherPIXUL 96-well Plate Washer
PIXUL Coupling FluidPIXUL Mat, 3 pack
PIXUL Coupling FluidPIXUL Coupling Fluid
96-Well PlatePIXUL 96-well Plate

Sonicating 96-well plates with PIXUL is easy: just turn the PIXUL on, load the 96-well plate, and select your sonicating program. The PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator utilizes a proprietary Coupling Fluid to ensure sonication is delivered consistently to every well in the sample plate.

The PIXUL Mat fits underneath the PIXUL Sonicator with room for the PIXUL 96-well Plate to keep the bottom of the plate clean before and after sonication runs.

The PIXUL 96-well Plate Washer is available to rinse the bottom of the PIXUL 96-well Plate after a sonication run to fully remove any residual Coupling Fluid so none will carry over to downstream equipment.


PIXUL Labware Contents

PIXUL 96-well Plate Washer

Catalog No. 53148

  • 1 PIXUL 96-well Plate Washer
  • 2 tubes


Catalog No. 53199

  • 3 mats, 25” wide by 34” long

PIXUL Coupling Fluid

Catalog No. 53136

  • 1 Liter bottle PIXUL Coupling Fluid

PIXUL 96-well Plate with Sealer

Catalog No. 53139

  • 1 PIXUL 96-well Plate
  • 1 96-well Plate Sealer

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