ATAC-Seq Kit

Analyze open chromatin regions at genome-wide scale.


ATAC-Seq Kit Overview

ATAC-Seq is a rapid assay that allows analysis of epigenetic profiles across the genome by identification of regions that have open or accessible chromatin states. Because of the assay’s speed, simplicity, and applicability to a wide range of sample types, ATAC-Seq has become a commonly-used epigenetic assay, and it can serve as a gateway to further, more detailed epigenetic analyses.

In the ATAC-Seq assay, intact nuclei from cell or tissue samples are treated with a hyperactive Tn5 transposase mutant. This transposase is able to simultaneously tag the target DNA with sequencing adapters and fragment the DNA in a process termed tagmentation.

ATAC-Seq Kit

The ATAC-Seq Kit from Active Motif provides the reagents necessary to produce 16 unique sequencing-ready Illumina®-compatible ATAC-Seq libraries from 20 – 30 mg tissue or 50,000 – 100,000 cells per reaction. The optimized protocol guides you through the steps for sample preparation, tagmentation and library preparation, yielding next-gen sequencing-ready libraries that can be multiplexed in a single flow cell sequencing run.

ATAC-Seq Kit Highlights:

  • Reveal the genomic sequence of open chromatin regions
  • Yields next-gen sequencing-ready libraries in hours
  • Simple and rapid optimized protocol & reagents
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ATAC-Seq Kit Contents

The ATAC-Seq Kit is shipped at two temperatures, with one box on dry ice for components to be stored at -20°C, and a second box at room temperature for components to be stored at 4°C. Please store components according to the storage conditions in the manual after first use. All reagents are guaranteed stable for 6 months from date of receipt when stored properly.

Reagents included:

  • ATAC Lysis Buffer, store at RT
  • Assembled Transposomes, store at -20°C
  • 2X Tagmentation Buffer, store at -20°C
  • 1X PBS, store at -20°C or RT
  • 10X PBS, store at RT
  • 10% Tween 20, store at RT
  • 0.5% Digitonin, store at RT
  • DNA Purification Columns, store at RT
  • DNA Purification Binding Buffer, store at RT
  • DNA Purification Wash Buffer, store at RT
  • DNA Purification Elution Buffer, store at RT
  • 3 M Sodium Acetate, store at RT
  • 10 mM dNTPs, store at -20°C
  • 5X Q5 Buffer, store at -20°C
  • Q5 High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase, store at -20°C
  • i7 Indexed Primer 1, store at -20°C
  • i7 Indexed Primer 2, store at -20°C
  • i7 Indexed Primer 3, store at -20°C
  • i7 Indexed Primer 4, store at -20°C
  • i5 Indexed Primer 1, store at -20°C
  • i5 Indexed Primer 2, store at -20°C
  • i5 Indexed Primer 3, store at -20°C
  • i5 Indexed Primer 4, store at -20°C
  • SPRI Beads, store at 4°C

ATAC-Seq Kit Data

The ATAC-Seq kit contains the necessary reagents and enzymes to perform 16 ATAC-Seq reactions. These kit components are optimized to work efficiently and have been validated to generate high-quality ATAC-Seq data.

Reveal Open Chromatin Locations at Promoters

The chromatin at promoters of genes that are transcriptionally active are generally open or accessible. ATAC-Seq assays result in peaks at these locations, revealing those open chromatin regions in the samples being investigated.

ATAC-Seq Kit Genome Browser

Figure 1: Genome Browser Display of ATAC-Seq Kit results. ATAC-Seq Kit was used to assess the genome-wide open chromatin state of mouse brain tissue samples. The genome browser tracks shown here are at the position of the FOXP3 gene, which encodes a marker of post-mitotic neurons. The peaks indicate open chromatin signal at the promoter of the FOXP3 gene.

Kit Performance Correlates with Published Data

The Active Motif ATAC-Seq Kit generates high-quality data. ATAC-Seq data from experiments performed with the ATAC-Seq Kit correlates very well with published ATAC-Seq data, highlighting that this assay is robust and reproducible.


Figure 2: ATAC-Seq Kit Libraries Correlation with Published ATAC-Seq Dataset. Here, the correlation between RPKM signal in called peaks of published ATAC-Seq data (Buenrostro, J. D. et al. (2013) Nat. Methods 10: 1213-1218) and a dataset generated with the Kit in GM12878 cells is shown, indicating a tight correlation with a score of 0.94.


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