Gene Regulation

study both transcriptional & post-transcriptional regulation

Gene regulation studies have historically focused on transcription, but gene expression is controlled at both the transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels. Transcription factors and other DNA-binding proteins modulate when, where, and how much of a gene’s mRNA is transcribed, while microRNAs and the RISC complex interact with the 3´ UTR of gene transcripts to regulate the stability of an mRNA and its translation into protein. In addition, because DNA is packaged as nucleosomes, histone modifications and DNA methylation play large regulatory roles by epigenetically regulating chromatin structure and controlling whether or not the DNA is accessible for transcription.

Transcriptional Regulation

Active Motif provides a wide range of products and services for transcriptional regulation research including transcription factor activity assays and over 18,000 pre-cloned human promoters and transcription factor response elements in luciferase-based reporter vectors.

Post-Transcriptional Regulation

Active Motif offers many products and services to study post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression, including Ago IP assays, a variety of kits, and over 12,000 pre-cloned human 3’ UTRs and synthetic miRNA targets in luciferase-based reporter vectors.

Transcription Factor Assays (TransAM)

TransAM® kits are sensitive, non-radioactive transcription factor ELISA-based assays that facilitate the study of transcription factor activation in mammalian tissue and cell extracts. These optimized assays are available for many different transcription factors.