Sample Preparation

for great results, you must first prepare high-quality samples

In science as in life, a universal truth is that if you begin a project using substandard materials, your results will be compromised. Whether you're making dinner, building a cathedral, or performing ChIP-Seq, the quality of the final product is highly dependent on the components used. That's why Active Motif has developed a variety of products that help ensure robust and reproducible sample preparation. Using our optimized protocols and QC-tested reagents ensures that you begin your experiments with the best possible materials available.

High-quality kits to purify DNA after ChIP reactions and to purify cell-free DNA from plasma or serum.

RNA isolation kits to prepare RNA samples from cultured cells or tissue for transcriptome profiling.

Active Motif offers a variety of sonication products that make shearing of chromatin and DNA easier and more consistent.

Isolate high-quality nuclear, cytoplasmic or whole-cell extract from mammalian cell or tissue samples.