Sample Preparation

for great results, you must first prepare high-quality samples

In science as in life, a universal truth is that if you begin a project using substandard materials, your results will be compromised. Whether you're making dinner, building a cathedral or performing ChIP-Seq, the quality of the final product is highly dependent on the components used. That's why Active Motif has developed a variety of products that help ensure reproducible sample preparation. Using our optimized protocols and QC-tested reagents ensures that you begin your experiments with the best possible materials available.

  • Sonication Products – Active Motif offers a variety of sonication products that make shearing of chromatin and DNA more reproducible
  • ChIP DNA Purification Kit – quickly clean up your ChIP DNA samples so they are optimal for downstream analysis techniques
  • Whole Genome Amplification Kit – amplify genomic DNA without loss of representation for use in Next-Gen Sequencing and microarray hybridization
  • Nuclear & Cytoplasmic Extraction – isolate high-quality nuclear, cytoplasmic or whole-cell extract from mammalian cell or tissue samples
  • Cell-Free DNA (cfDNA) Purification Kit – isolate cell-free DNA from human plasma and serum samples using a fast, magnetic bead-based protocol for non-invasive detection and monitoring of disease states
  • Fluorescent Quantitation of Extracts & Proteins – ProStain™ provides accurate, fluorescent quantitation of cellular extracts and protein samples
  • Fluorescent Labeling – Chromeo™ Antibody Labeling Kits make it easy to label antibodies and proteins with the superior fluorescence of Chromeo Dyes
  • Mitochondrial Fractionation – obtain highly enriched mitochondrial & cytoplasmic fractions for use in apoptosis research assays
  • mTRAP™ mRNA Isolation Kits – isolate large yields of high-quality mRNA from mammalian cells, tissue and total RNA
  • Dounce Homogenizer – Dounce homogenization ensures more complete cell lysis when preparing samples for use in ChIP and Western blotting