Cell Extracts

high-quality extracts ensure reproducible results

Active Motif offers high-quality nuclear, cytoplasmic and whole-cell extracts from a variety of cell types and tissue sources, many prepared from cells that were treated to specifically induce activation of hard-to-detect transcription factors. Our ready-to-use extracts are ideal for use as positive controls in a variety of applications, including TransAM®, gelshift and supershift assays, Western blots, as well as a starting point for transcription factor purification.

If you can't find the extract you're looking for, our Nuclear Extract Kit makes it easy to consistently isolate high yields of nuclear, cytoplasmic or whole-cell extract from mammalian cell or tissue samples.

Name Format Cat No. Price  
293 nuclear extract 200 µg 36033 $220 Buy
A-431 nuclear extract (EGF treated) 200 µg 36003 $220 Buy
C2C12 nuclear extract (Differentiated) 200 µg 36078 $220 Buy
COS-7 nuclear extract 200 µg 36079 $220 Buy
COS-7 nuclear extract (CoCl2 treated) 200 µg 40600 $220 Buy
COS-7 nuclear extract (IFNγ treated) 200 µg 36112 $220 Buy
DU 145 nuclear extract 200 µg 36037 $220 Buy
F9 nuclear extract 200 µg 36007 $220 Buy
F9 nuclear extract (Retinoic acid treated) 200 µg 36113 $220 Buy
HeLa Core Histones 36 µg 53501 $295 Buy