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Epigenetic Clocks and Biomarkers of Ageing (Morgan Levine)

Episode 77

June 23, 2022

In this episode of the Epigenetics Podcast, we caught up with Morgan Levine from Altos lab to talk about her work on Epigenetic Clocks and Biomarkers of Ageing.

The Levine Lab focuses on deciphering mechanisms that lead to epigenetic ageing, which can be measured by epigenetic clocks. Epigenetic clocks were first described in 2011 by Bocklandt et al.. Later-on, the Horvath and the Hannum clock were described by using a combination of CpGs to calculate biological/epigenetic age in contrast to chronological age.

The Levine Lab themselves worked on generating an advanced version of an Epigenetic clock, called "DNAm PhenoAge" that will now be used, and not only in human samples. The team now moves to mouse models and to cells in a dish and using those models to investigate the mechanisms behind epigenetic ageing.


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