Recombinant Proteins & Enzymes

High quality proteins for epigenetics, drug discovery and development

Active Motif offers a comprehensive collection of recombinant proteins, epigenetic enzymes, histones and nucleosomes for use in biochemical assays and high-throughput drug discovery. Our proteins are manufactured in our own facility to meet the highest standards of purity and activity required for drug discovery assays, such as HTRF, mass spectrometry, AlphaLISA and AlphaScreen. We provide the largest commercially available portfolio of oncogenic histones and nucleosomes, DNA and chromatin modification enzymes.

Most products stocked in 1 mg sizes, ready to ship. Inquire about placing larger scale bulk orders.

The most physiologically relevent substrates for chromatin research and epigenetic assays.

Comprehensive list of recombinant histones, histone PTMs, and oncogenic histones.

Simple, low-cost substrates for use in a variety of epigenetic and enzymatic assays.

BRD proteins and active complexes to study chromatin regulation, including BRD1-9 and active, full-length p300.

Activity-validated enzymes to study RNA regulation and modifications such as N6-methyladenosine (m6A) methylation.

Enzymes to study the conversion of 5-methylcytosine (5-mC) into 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC) and to differentiate between these two forms of DNA methylation.

Activity-validated enzymes, including HDACs and SIRTs.

Activity-validated enzymes such as EZH1/2, EHMT2 (G9a), KDMs, and KMTs.

Metabolic enzymes, SARS-CoV-2 proteins, kinases, and transcription factors, designed for high-throughput screening.

Name Expressed In Format Cat No. Price  
Recombinant ABL1 (229-500) protein Baculovirus 20 µg 81334 $465 Buy
1 mg 81634 $4,000 Buy
Recombinant ABL2 (279-546) protein Baculovirus 20 µg 81338 $465 Buy
Recombinant ACE2 (18-740) protein Baculovirus 20 µg 81351 $465 Buy
1 mg 81751 $4,000 Buy
Recombinant ACF complex Baculovirus 20 µg 31509 $510 Buy
1 mg 31913 $4,300 Buy
Recombinant AGO1 protein Baculovirus 20 µg 31522 $485 Buy
1 mg 31922 $4,050 Buy
Recombinant AGO2 protein Baculovirus 20 µg 31486 $495 Buy
1 mg 31886 $4,050 Buy
Recombinant AGO3 protein Baculovirus 20 µg 31523 $485 Buy
1 mg 31923 $4,050 Buy
Recombinant AKT1 protein Baculovirus 10 µg 31511 $475 Buy
Recombinant AKT1 protein Baculovirus 20 µg 81145 $485 Buy
1 mg 81845 $4,050 Buy
Recombinant AKT2 protein Baculovirus 20 µg 81146 $485 Buy
1 mg 81846 $4,050 Buy