Chromeo™ 505 Tools for GSDIM Microscopy

Chromeo 505 dye and fluorescent secondary antibody conjugates

For GSDIM (Ground State Depletion with Individual Molecule return) microscopy using the Leica SR GSD microscope, Active Motif’s fluorescent Chromeo™ 505 dye and conjugated secondary antibodies have been tested by Leica Microsystems. The fluorescent properties of Chromeo 505 dye and secondaries meet the specifications required to perform GSDIM microscopy with the SR GSD system, using the 488 nm/300 mW laser for excitation. To ensure that you achieve the best image quality possible, Chromeo 505-stained slides should be embedded in MEA (β-Mercaptoethylamine) or Mowiol-based embedding media.

Comparison of conventional widefield microscopy and GSDIM microscopy using Chromeo 505 Goat anti-mouse IgG secondary antibody

Figure 1: Chromeo 505 antibody conjugates in widefield and GSDIM microscopy.
Tubulin was stained with a primary monoclonal mouse antibody and with Chromeo 505 Goat anti-mouse IgG (Catalog No. 15030) secondary antibody. The widefield (left) and GSDIM (right) images are courtesy of Leica Microsystems, Germany.