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What is exciting about the area we work in

Epigenomics is the systematic analysis of the global state of gene expression not attributable to mutational changes across the entire genome. Epigenetic mechanisms are affected by external factors including development in utero and in childhood, environmental chemicals, drugs and pharmaceuticals, aging, and diet. Changes to the epigenetic landscape can have a profound impact on health and disease. Precise mapping and measurement of the epigenetic landscape offers the promise of predictive biomarkers of disease development, even before changes in gene expression have taken place.

Epigenomics is the “OME” connecting Genomics to Transcriptomics and Proteomics allowing a Multiomics approach to disease research which will result in a higher yield of data that can be aggregated and analyzed to become actionable information.

What does Active Motif offer

Epigenetic methods and approaches require the use of high-quality antibodies and enzymes that have undergone strict validation criteria. This allows the development of robust assays for use in mechanistic studies, translational medicine, drug discovery and diagnostics. Active Motif’s Product Development Program takes emerging novel techniques, and develops them into innovative products that allow researchers to perform the assays in their own labs as well as feeding into their end to end services pipeline.

Active Motif is building a platform based on their patented transposase based technologies to simplify the interrogation of chromatin, the dynamics of histone modifications, chromatin remodeling, DNA methylation, transcription factor binding, as well as short and long range gene regulation by non-coding regulatory regions. Our bioinformatics platform can take the data generated by these techniques and provide powerful insights into the epigenetic changes occurring in disease or in response to drugs.

This data can be integrated with other OMICs data to develop a comprehensive understanding of the disease landscape and ultimately result in actionable and tailored treatments based on patient stratification.

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