Probe Sonicator Accessories

additional reagents for use with EpiShear™ Sonicator

A variety of accessories are available for use with the EpiShear™ Probe Sonicator, including different sizes of microtip probes, a converter stand for hands-free use, a sound enclosure to reduce noise and a footswitch that makes it more convenient to deliver short pulses when using the unit in manual mode. Look at the tabs below or download the EpiShear Probe Sonicator manual for more details.

Name Format Cat No. Price  
EpiShear™ 5/64” (2 mm) Sonicator Probe 1 probe 53056 $485 Buy
EpiShear™ 1/8” (3.2 mm) Sonicator Probe 1 probe 53053 $425 Buy
EpiShear™ 1/4” (6.4 mm) Sonicator Probe 1 probe 53057 $425 Buy
Support Stand / Converter Clamp 1 unit 53054 $170 Buy
Footswitch 1 unit 53059 $105 Buy
EpiShear™ Replacement Converter 1 unit 53058 $1,490 Buy

The diameter of the tip of the probe dictates the amount of sample that can be effectively processed. Smaller tip diameters deliver high-intensity sonication, but the energy is focused within a small, concentrated area. Larger tip diameters can process larger volumes, but offer lower intensity so may require more power. The choices of a generator and probes are matched to the volume, viscosity and other parameters of the particular application.

The EpiShear Probe Sonicator is sold with a 1/8" microtip probe. The intense cavitation generated by the probe will, eventually, cause the tip to erode and the power output to decrease. For this reason, the 1/8" microtip probe is also sold separately (Catalog No. 53053). Also sold separately are probes with 5/64" & 1/4" tips, which can be used with the EpiShear to process smaller or larger sample volumes. See the table below for details on the characteristics of the probes.

EpiShear Probes

Probes available for the EpiShear™ Probe Sonicator.

Microtip probes with 1/4" (top), 1/8" (middle) and 5/64" (bottom) tips.

Microtip Probes

Catalog No. Processing Volume Tip Diameter Amplitude
(Intensity Level)
53056 200 µl - 5 ml 5/64"
(2 mm)
200 µm
(very high)
53053 500 µl - 15 ml 1/8"
(3.2 mm)
180 µm
53057 10 ml - 50 ml 1/4"
(6.4 mm)
120 µm

The Support Stand / Converter Clamp is designed to securely hold the EpiShear converter/probe assembly. This helps ensure that the probe tip remains at a constant depth in your samples, so you get more consistent, reproducible results. It also prevents the probe tip from touching the sides of the tube when it is activated; touching the tube can cause the probe to not vibrate properly, and it may damage the probe and/or melt the tube. After positioning the converter clamp, the metal base and 1/2" support rod keep the converter/probe where you want it.

EpiShear Sonicator
EpiShear Support Stand / Converter Clamp

Support Stand / Converter Clamp (Catalog No. 53054).

This has been discontinued.

The Sound Enclosure makes it possible to perform sonication without auditory discomfort to yourself or others. While the ultrasonic vibrations produced during sonication are above the audible range of the human ear, sample processing still produces a loud, high-pitched sound due to harmonics. This emanates from the walls of the tube and the fluid surface of the sample. Therefore, ear protection MUST be used during sonication. Moreover, unless the sonicator can be installed in a separate room, a sound abating enclosure is highly recommended so that the noise will not impact others in the lab.

The enclosure reduces the volume of sonication by 35 db. The enclosure has an access port on one side to enable you to circulate coolant to the sample, if desired. The access door permits observation during processing while protecting the user from any accidental splashes.

Exterior dimensions:
28" H (with chimney) x 14.25" W x 12" D
(711 mm x 362 mm x 305 mm)

When used with Active Motif's EpiShear™ 1/8" Probe Sonicator (32 mm probe base diameter), we recommend purchasing a Talon two- or three-prong clamp to hold the sonication probe in place (e.g. VWR, Catalog No. 21573-708). Clamps are not provided with the sound enclosure.

Sound Enclosure
Sound Enclosure (Catalog No. 53060).

The EpiShear Footswitch makes it more convenient to deliver short pulses when using the unit in manual mode, or when performing experiments that require you to hold the converter/probe or otherwise have use of your hands. The footswitch is plugged into the back of the EpiShear and placed on the floor so that the sonicator can be pulsed ON and OFF using your foot, instead of having to push the PULSE button on the sonicator repeatedly.

EpiShear Footswitch
EpiShear Footswitch (Catalog No. 53059).