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When is a Peak a Peak? (Claudio Cantù)

Episode 105

July 27, 2023

In this episode of the Epigenetics Podcast, we talked to Claudio Cantù from Linköping University about his work on peak blacklists, peak concordance and the burning question: what is a peak in CUT&RUN.

Our host Stefan Dillinger and guest Claudio Cantù dive into the topic of when we can be sure that a peak is a peak. To help with this, Claudio Cantù's group has been working on defining a set of suspicious peaks that can be used as a "peak blacklist" and can be subtracted to clean up CUT&RUN data sets. The lab also worked on a method called ICEBERG (Increased Capture of Enrichment By Exhaustive Replicate aGgregation) to help define peaks from a number of experimental replicates. By using this algorithm, the team is trying to discover the beta-catenin binding profile, not the tip of the beta-catenin binding iceberg, but the whole of the beta-catenin binding profile.