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Effects of Non-Enzymatic Covalent Histone Modifications on Chromatin (Yael David)

Episode 54

August 5, 2021

In this episode of the Epigenetics Podcast, we caught up with Yael David from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York to talk about her work on Effects of Non-Enzymatic Covalent Histone Modifications on Chromatin.

The David lab studies on non-enzymatic covalent modifications of Histones, including Histone glycation and citrullination. These modifications recognize metabolites that are produced in the cell and aid as a sensor for chromatin to quickly adapt to cellular changes. These unique modifications do not have a so-called erasing enzyme, which makes them terminal, rendering these sites inaccessible for further modifications such as methylation or acetylation.

A second area of research in the David lab is Histone H1. The lab has developed a new method to purify Histone H1, superior to the commonly used method of acid extraction which leads to degradation of Histone H1. This purification method enabled the lab to purify and characterize the functional properties of all Histone H1 variants.


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