Transcriptional Regulation

Active Motif offers a variety of products and services to study transcriptional regulation including Transcription Factor Activity assays, a variety of kits, and over 18,000 pre-cloned human promoters and transcription factor response elements. Select an image below for more information about each of the products listed.

LightSwitch™ lncRNA Promoter Clones LightSwitch™ Human Promoter Clones LightSwitch™ Transcription Factor Response Elements
LightSwitch™ Pathway Reporter Stable Cell Lines LightSwitch™ Validated Pathway Collections TransAM ELISA Assays
Gelshift™ Chemiluminescent EMSA Transcription Factor Recombinant Proteins
Transcription Factor Antibodies ChIP Kis & Accessories DNA Methylation Products
  Nuclear Extract Kit

FactorPath™ Services TranscriptionPath™ Services

You can also visit the web site of our affiliate, SwitchGear Genomics.