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Nrf2 Toolbox

Nrf2 is an important transcription factor (TF) in the defense against oxidative stress and has been linked to diseases such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes and cancer. Fortunately, Nrf2 agonists and inhibitors are being developed as therapeutic options.

Active Motif can support early stage Nrf2 research, screening and compound mechanism-of-action studies with our range of Nrf2 products and services.

Nrf2 Binding Assay
Nrf2 Trans AM

Product:  Nrf2 TransAM®

Function: Measures Global Nrf2 binding

Starting Material: Nuclear Extract

Throughput: Mid

Notes:  Immobilized ARE used to bind and
            capture active Nrf2 on a 96-stripwell
            plate. Nuclear extracts are prepared
            using Active Motif's Nuclear Extract

Cell-based Nrf2 Assays
Nrf2 Luciferase Assay System

Product:    LightSwitch™ Promoter Reporter

Function:  Screen cells for Nrf2 activity

Starting Material: Cells

Throughput: High

Notes: Both Synthetic ARE-luciferase reporter
and pre-cloned reporter vectors
           with Nrf2 responsive gene promoters
           (e.g. NQO1 and HMOX1) are available.

Nrf2 Antibody
Nrf2 Antibodies

Product:  ChIP-Seq validated Nrf2 antibody

Function: Validated for ChIP-Seq & Western Blot

Note: Validated to work in ChIP and ChIP-Seq
          with our ChIP-IT® High-Sensitivity and
          ChIP-IT® ChIP-Seq Kits

Genome-wide Nrf2 Profiles
Nrf2 Services

Product:   End-to-end ChIP-Seq Services

Function: Identify Nrf2 binding across all
                genomic locations

Starting Material: Cells

Notes: End to end service, performed by our
           ChIP-Seq experts using our validated
           protocols and antibodies. Simply send
           us your frozen cells and we will send
           back analyzed data.

miRNA Regulation of Nrf2

Products:  LightSwitch 3´UTR & miRNA
                 Reporter Collections

Function: Measure miRNA regulation of Nrf2.

Starting Material: Cells

Throughput: High

Notes: 3´UTR reporter constructs are available
           for Nrf2, KEAP1, and other Nrf2 pathway
           related genes. A large collection of
           miRNA mimics are also available
           including those known to interact with
           Nrf2 transcripts (mir153, mir28
) as well as
           miRNA inhibitors that can be used to
           knock down endogenous miRNAs.