[WEBINAR] ATAC-Seq: Mapping Open Chromatin

Ensuring ChIP-Seq Success

Free webinar presented by Dr. Michael Garbati, Technical Support Scientist at Active Motif.

ATAC-Seq is a powerful technique that enables the mapping of accessible, or open, chromatin regions across the genome. The ATAC-Seq assay has been used by many researchers to investigate the role of epigenetics in many biological processes and disease states. This webinar covers the ATAC-Seq method in depth and discusses how it can be applied to epigenetics research.

Topics covered in the webinar will include:

  • Overview of ATAC-Seq and the information it can provide
  • Comparison of ATAC-Seq to histone ChIP-Seq
  • Applications of ATAC-Seq in disease research

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