Chromatin and gDNA Shearing Kits for PIXUL Sonication


PIXUL Kits Overview

PIXUL gDNA Shearing KitPIXUL gDNA Shearing Kit
PIXUL Chromatin Shearing KitPIXUL Chromatin Shearing Kit
PIXUL Chromatin Input Preparation KitPIXUL Chromatin Input Preparation Kit

Consistent and reproducible shearing are cornerstones for success in downstream assays such as ChIP or NGS sequencing. The PIXUL® Multi-Sample Sonicator reliably delivers consistent sonication for reproducible shearing results time after time for every well in a PIXUL 96-well plate.

For consistent shearing performance, the PIXUL gDNA Shearing Kit and PIXUL Chromatin Shearing Kit are optimized to shear gDNA and chromatin specifically for NGS or ChIP. The PIXUL Chromatin Input Preparation Kit is also available to quantitate how much gDNA yield and fragmentation efficiency prior to ChIP.

The PIXUL Sonicator also works with reagents of your choice, but must use the PIXUL 96-well plate with sealer.


PIXUL Kits Contents

PIXUL® Chromatin Input Prep Kit

Catalog No. 53134

  • SPRI Beads, store at 4°C
  • Elution Buffer AM4, store at RT
  • Proteinase K, store at -20°C
  • RNase A, store at -20°C
  • Low EDTA TE, store at RT

PIXUL® Chromatin Shearing Kit

Catalog No. 53132

  • Fixation Buffer, store at 4°C
  • Stop Solution, store at RT
  • 10X PBS, store at 4C
  • Protease Inhibitor Cocktail, store at -20°C
  • Cell Shearing Buffer, store at RT
  • PIXUL® 96-well plate with sealer, store at RT

PIXUL® gDNA Shearing Kit

Catalog No. 53131

  • Cell Shearing Buffer, store at RT
  • RNase A, store at -20°C
  • Proteinase K, store at -20°C
  • SPRI Beads, store at 4°C
  • PIXUL® 96-well plate with sealer, store at RT

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