[WEBINAR] Recent Technology Advances in Epigenomic Profiling

In this webinar, Sarah Traynor, Research Scientist at Active Motif compares the popular epigenomic profiling techniques ChIP-Seq, CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag, plus discusses how to select the best one for your research project.

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Anchor-Based Bisulfite Sequencing (ABBS) Determines Genome-wide DNA Methylation

In this webinar, Dr. Benjamin Delatte, Group Leader, Advanced Research Lab at Active Motif discusses a newly developed and published technique, Anchor-Based Bisulfite Sequencing (ABBS) and the advantages it has for measuring DNA methylation on a genome-wide scale in comparison to traditional bisulfite based approaches.

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Chromatin-Con 2023: Epigenetics of Aging Meeting - Videos

Catch up on presentations from the Chromatin-Con 2023: Epigenetics Mechanisms – Impact on Aging and Disease Meeting in January of 2023. This was a 3-day, online event featuring talks from international experts focusing on the emerging research into the relationship between epigenetic mechanisms on aging and related disease states, with the goal to share information and foster interactions between scientists from around the globe.

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The Epigenetics of the Exposome and Aging

Aging results in a gradual and progressive loss of physiological functions and physical abilities over time. Overcoming the growing burden of age-related issues is one of the greatest challenges facing modern society. These issues are leading to a major drain on healthcare resources worldwide, so a better understanding of the biology of aging is critically important.

In this webinar, Dr. Paul Shiels, Ph.D., Professor of Epigenetics at the University of Glasgow, discusses how our behavior and the environment impact health and aging at the molecular level.

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Genome-wide Mapping of Protein-DNA Interaction Dynamics

In this webinar from the All-Ireland Chromatin Consortium (AICC), Dr. Steven Henikoff, Professor at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center covers scientific advances that allow us to better investigate the interactions of proteins and DNA, then map them at a genome-wide scale.

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