Fluorescent Antibody Labeling Kits

quick and easy kits to conjugate your antibody to Chromeo Dyes

Active Motif's Chromeo™ Antibody Labeling Kits enable you to label your antibodies and proteins with the superior fluorescence of our Chromeo Dyes. Convenient kits for labeling with the Chromeo 488, 494, 546 and 642 Dyes are available. Chromeo conjugates will exhibit a bright fluorescence and additional superior luminescence properties, like broad Stokes shifts, stability towards photobleaching and pH, and low cell toxicity.

HeLa cells stained by alpha-Tubulin mAb and Chromeo 488, Chromeo 546 and Chromeo 642 Fluorescent Secondary Antibodies
Figure 1: Tubulin staining in HeLa cells.

HeLa cells were stained with alpha Tubulin mouse mAb (Clone 5-B-1-2) and Chromeo 488 Goat anti-mouse IgG (Catalog No. 15031), Chromeo 546 Goat anti-mouse IgG (Catalog No. 15033) and Chromeo 642 Goat anti-mouse IgG (Catalog No. 15034). The nuclei in the 488 and 642 images have been counterstained with DAPI.

To ensure that you get the best results possible, we highly recommend that you use Chromeo Dyes together with our MAX Stain™ Immunofluorescence Tools, as those components have been formulated to optimize the performance of the Chromeo Dyes.

Name Format Cat No. Price  
Chromeo™ 488 Antibody Labeling Kit 1 kit 15090 $380 Buy
Chromeo™ 494 Antibody Labeling Kit 1 kit 15091 $380 Buy
Chromeo™ 546 Antibody Labeling Kit 1 kit 15092 $380 Buy
Chromeo™ 642 Antibody Labeling Kit 1 kit 15093 $380 Buy

Chromeo Antibody Labeling Kits provide the Chromeo Dye of your choice lyophilized in convenient one-time-use amounts with purification columns and reagents for three labeling reactions. Each kit provides sufficient activated amine-reactive Chromeo Dye and reagents for 3 separate reactions that will label 1 mg of antibody each.

Lamin staining in fixed HeLa cells
Figure 1: Lamin staining in fixed HeLa cells.

A mouse secondary antibody that was labeled using the Chromeo™ 488 Antibody Labeling Kit was used to detect a primary Lamin A antibody in HeLa cells that had been fixed and permeabilized using formaldehyde.

Chromeo Antibody Labeling Kit advantages

  • Easy – just mix dye and antibody
  • Quick – labeled antibody ready in 1 hour
  • Affordable – costs much less than custom orders
  • Optimized – rely on Active Motif Chromeon expertise

Chromeo™ Dyes Chromeo 488, Chromeo 494, Chromeo 546 and Chromeo 642 – are bright fluorescent labels that replace Alexa Fluor*, DyLight* or Cy*-dyes. They are compatible with most excitation sources including diode lasers, LEDs, tungsten lamps and xenon arc lamps.

Chromeo™ Dye advantages

  • High intensity
  • Photostability – the combination with MAX Stain™ reagents provides optimal fluorescent stability for multiple exposures and increased exposure time
  • Room temperature incubations
  • pH insensitive
  • Low background
  • Easy to use – no harsh chemicals required for conjugation

Fluorescent Chromeo Dyes serve as bright labels for antibodies and other biomolecules, enabling detection in immunofluorescence, high content screening, ELISA and FRET applications, as well as in flow cytometry.

Dye Absorption Emission Spectra ε L/(mol-cm) Stokes shift
Chromeo™ 488 488 nm 517 nm Chromeo 488 Fluorescent Dye Spectra 73,000 29 nm
Chromeo™ 494 494 nm 628 nm Chromeo 494 Fluorescent Dye Spectra 55,000 124 nm
Chromeo™ 546 545 nm 561 nm Chromeo 546 Fluorescent Dye Spectra 98,800 16 nm
Chromeo™ 642 642 nm 660 nm Chromeo 642 Fluorescent Dye Spectra 180,000 18 nm
Table 1: Properties of Chromeo Dyes.

To receive more detailed information and application data about individual Chromeo dyes, simply "click" on the name or on the spectrum of the Chromeo dye of your choice in the table above.

The Fluorescent Antibody Labeling Kits have been cited in the following publications:

For additional citations on Chromeo™ Dyes and conjugated seconday antibodies, please go to the individual product pages for Chromeo 488, Chromeo 494, Chromeo 546 and Chromeo 642.

Contents & Storage

3 vials of Chromeo Dye, 3 purification columns, Coupling Buffer, Elution Buffer and DMF. Chromeo Dyes should be stored at -20°C and all other components should be stored at 4°C. All reagents are guaranteed stable for 6 months when stored properly.

 The 1 ml vial of MAXfluor™ Mounting Medium, which is delivered with the Chromeo 488 Antibody Labeling Kit, should be stored at 4°C in the dark.

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