Secondary Antibody Conjugates

anti-rabbit & anti-mouse secondaries for enhanced HRP and fluorescent detection

Active Motif's secondary antibody conjugates offer an improved method for the detection of primary antibodies. Having developed many quality primary antibodies, we found that the quality of secondary antibodies was also key to producing superior results. We therefore offer these secondary antibodies, conjugated to a number of top-quality molecules, including HRP and the Chromeo™ line of fluorescent dyes, giving you a variety of choices for detecting primary antibodies bound to their targets. To conjugate the Chromeo Dyes to primary antibodies and other proteins, we offer our complete, optimized antibody/protein labeling kits.

Multi-color staining of Phospho H2AX and tubulin using Chromeo 488 and Chromeo 642 secondary antibodies
Figure 1: Multi-color staining of Phospho H2AX and tubulin using Chromeo 488 and Chromeo 642 secondary antibodies in untreated and etoposide-treated HeLa cells.

HeLa cells were either left untreated or treated with 100 µM etoposide for 6 hours prior to fixation with methanol. The histone-variant H2AX was stained with Histone H2AX phospho Ser139 rabbit pAb (Cat. No. 39117) and Chromeo 642 Goat anti-rabbit IgG (Cat. No. 15044, below), while tubulin was visualized using alpha Tubulin mouse mAb (Clone 5-B-1-2) and Chromeo 488 Goat anti-mouse IgG (Cat. No. 15031, below). The nuclei were counter-stained with DAPI, then the three separate images were merged.

Active Motif's ATTO dye conjugates have been maximally cross-adsorbed against IgG's of a variety of species to eliminate background caused by non-specific binding. The fluorescent ATTO (STED) secondary antibody conjugates and the fluorescent Chromeo™ 488, Chromeo™ 505 and Chromeo™ 494 secondary antibody conjugates have been certified by Leica Microsystems for STimulated Emission Depletion (STED) microscopy, as they exhibited superior staining when compared to other fluorescent antibody conjugates. The ATTO 532 (GSD) and the Rhodamine 6G (GSD) secondary antibody conjugates are recommended by Leica Microsystems for high resolution GSDIM microscopy using the novel SR GSD microscope.

Name Format Cat No. Price  
HRP Goat anti-Mouse IgG 400 µg 15014 $185 Buy
HRP Goat anti-Rabbit IgG 400 µg 15015 $185 Buy