DharmaFECT® Duo Transfection Reagent

co-transfect LightSwitch™ 3´UTR vectors and miRNA mimics

DharmaFECT® Duo is a lipid-based reagent that has been optimized specifically for co-transfecting plasmids and small RNAs, such as miRNAs and siRNAs. It was designed to help minimize cell toxicity while ensuring efficient, simultaneous delivery of these two, very different types of molecules. DharmaFECT Duo is recommended for use when you wish to co-transfect LightSwitch™ 3´UTR Reporter constructs or LightSwitch miRNA Target Reporter constructs together with LightSwitch microRNA Mimics or Inhibitors to validate the predicted 3´UTR targets of your miRNAS, or to assess the effect of miRNA-UTR interactions.

DharmaFECT Duo advantages

  • Single formulation provides efficient transfection of two distinct molecules, DNA plasmids and small RNAs
  • No effect on cell viability
  • No washing or changing of culture media

This product is no longer available from Active Motif. Please contact Dharmacon for ordering information.


Name Format Cat No. Price  
DharmaFECT® Duo Transfection Reagent 0.2 ml 32044 Discontinued
0.75 ml 32045 Discontinued