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Lothar Schermelleh

Advanced Optical Imaging in 3D Nuclear Organisation (Lothar Schermelleh)

Episode 128

June 27, 2024

In this episode of the Epigenetics Podcast, we talked with Lothar Schermelleh from the University of Oxford about his work on advanced optical imaging in 3D nuclear organisation.

The interview starts by Lothar Schermelleh sharing his groundbreaking work in understanding chromatin organization using super-resolution microscopy techniques. He then delves into his past experiments, including his publication on imaging chromatin domains and X chromosome inactivation. His work showcases the power of structured illumination microscopy in overcoming diffraction limits, revealing insights into nuclear organization and regulation.

Lothar also discusses refining methods for labeling chromosome territories and replication domains, as well as exploring structural and functional nuclear organization using advanced microscopy techniques. They touch on the potential of AI in microscopy, the importance of quality control in imaging, and Lothar's grant proposal for developing artifact-free, super-resolution imaging under cryo conditions with adaptive optics.

The conversation emphasizes the intersection of technology development and biological applications, highlighting the importance of addressing specific biological questions through innovative imaging approaches.


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