Bulk Recombinant Protein A-Tn5 Enzyme Order Information Request


The protein A-Tn5 (pA-Tn5) enzyme is useful in CUT&Tag assays and our highly pure and active recombinant pA-Tn5 is available for bulk orders.

In addition to our complete CUT&Tag-IT™ Assay Kit that contains all necessary components for 16 reactions and an optimized protocol, Active Motif also offers just the recombinant protein A-Tn5 enzyme for experienced researchers to use in their CUT&Tag assays. Recombinant pA-Tn5 is available for bulk purchase, with minimum order size of 20 µg.

To receive a quote for a bulk purchase of recombinant pA-Tn5, fill out the form below to request more information, including pricing and turnaround times.

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