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Aliases: 3,4’ 5-Trihydroxy-trans-stilbene; 5-[(1E)-2-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)ethenyl]-1,3,benzenediol
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Application: Sirtuins

for ResveratrolChemical Properties

MW = 228.2
CAS 501-36-0
MP = 253-255°C
>98% (TLC); NMR (Conforms)

for ResveratrolDescription

Naturally occurring phenolic antioxidant. Displays anti-tumor and anti-platelet effects (ref 1). Activates SIRT1 and increases longevity in yeast (ref 2). Ameliorates ageing-related phenotypes by inhibition of cAMP phosphodiesterases (ref 3).

for ResveratrolContents

Off white powder. May be dissolved in DMSO (25 mg/ml); Ethanol (20 mg/ml).

for ResveratrolStorage Conditions

Store desiccated as supplied at 4°C for up to 2 years. Store solutions at -20°C for up to 1 month.

for ResveratrolReferences

1. L Fremont Life Sci. 2000, 66:663
2. KT Howitz et al. Nature 2003, 425:191
3. S-J Park et al. Cell 2012, 148:421

Chemical structure of resveratrol.

Chemical structure of Resveratrol.


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Chemical structure of resveratrol.

Chemical structure of Resveratrol.
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